Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, pre-Fleetwood Mac


Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, pre-Fleetwood Mac

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me makin friends

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Being a recovering drug addict doesn’t just mean a few meetings here or there. It’s something that doesn’t go away. You need a good support group around. The cravings will always be there.

You seemed to understand that when you said you’d be there for me, but as soon as I confided in you that I felt a relapse coming on you just suddenly forgot how to communicate. Hmmm how odd, and yet I did nothing but stress myself over every little problem you had, no matter how petty or serious. Some friend you are.

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You fucked up law & Order SVU, you fucked up.


I woke up and immediately remembered last nights episode…I’m going to be on an emotional roller coaster today…


Real Animals Pose With Humans In Mystical Photographs By Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova is a young Moscow-based fine art photographer who brings animals and humans together in her spiritual and magical photography. Her fairy-tale-inspired works recreate the long-lost or long-forgotten bond between animals and humans. The unusual selection of animals in Plotnikova’s striking works and their tender interactions with humans make her photography seem like digitally enhanced artwork. However, all of the animals are real and alive. Plotnikova’s wild ideas materialized with the help of animal trainers as well as understanding and devoted professional models. The contrast of the wild animals and their fragile-looking human partners make the scenes look serene, mystical and nostalgic, reminding us of the fundamental affinity of all living creatures.


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I can’t sleep.

I can’t sleep.

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